Chances are you’ve used one of Bedford’s products today. We make everyday items that twist, bend, stretch, close, and brand. Once you see what we do, you’ll notice us everywhere—from the grocery aisle to the surgical room. We live to solve interesting problems. The things we make may be small, but they’re not easy. With a portfolio of well-over 100 global patents, we’re constantly innovating to help our customers solve problems and make life more convenient.
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Like many great businesses, we started in a garage. More than 50 years ago, Robert and Patricia Ludlow set out to invent the first plastic twist tie to keep bread fresh. Today, we still make twist tie by the mile—and so much more! Most importantly, Bedford is about family. Every day, we strive to leave our employees and community in a better place. Check out our Careers page to join the best team in the world! Follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn to see what our employees are doing in the community. And read our Sustainability Report to learn about our environmental initiatives.
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